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Auto Body Repair, Frame Straightening and Paint

Pilgrim’s Auto Body Shop

Repairing fender benders and large scratches are sometimes just as hard as fixing large collisions. The attention to detail and experience it takes to properly restore panels to their original condition while matching the paint with its stock color takes time, expertise and experience. From minor dings to major collision repairs, our auto body repair team has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to expertly return your vehicle to its original condition as it was before the accident. We can locate the damage and make the necessary corrections that will return the vehicle’s structural integrity back to it’s original condition.

Dent Repair

If you’ve had a minor accident or your vehicle was outside during a hail storm, fact is, your car’s body has one or more dents in it. Bring your car to Pilgrim’s and we’ll put our auto body shop experience to work for you. We can get your car’s body smoothed out and it’s finish restored to it’s original condition.

Frame Straightening

Auto Collision Repair Most people are unaware that vehicle frames are specifically designed to collapse in a particular way during a collision. This is a built in safety mechanism that was created to protect the passengers. Although the innovative design features of today’s vehicles protects you and your loved ones during a collision, it still doesn’t make the frame of your vehicle indestructible. After a major impact, you might not be able to drive your vehicle because of serious distortions in the frame. If it is driveable after the accident, it may not be safe.

In this situation you need a good auto body shop that has the right gear and is experienced in frame straightening. Pilgrim’s Car Care center has exactly that! We know that you depend on your car every day and we’ll do everything necessary to get your car back to it original condition after a major collision.

At Pilgrim’s you get one of the area’s best auto body shops that is skilled to provide you with the best car frame repair service. Our technicians use a hydraulic machine, known as a frame straightener, to get the whole body of your vehicle re-aligned properly. The hydraulics on this machine is powerful enough to completely straighten the vehicle’s frame by pushing and/or pulling the metal into place. When we’re finished, your vehicle’s frame will be OEM compliant. Making sure that you and your loved ones will be safe when riding in your vehicle.

When it comes to this type of job, people think that the frame straightener does all the work. In fact it takes an experienced, professional auto repair mechanic to work the frame straightener properly in order to provide the the level of repair necessary to pass the strict OEM guidelines for frame repair and safety. For more that 25 years, the mechanics at Pilgrim’s Car Care Center have been delivering excellence in frame straightening repair.

Auto Painting

auto painting A car’s paint job is often one of the most difficult aspects of collision repair. The difficulty comes when you try to match the new paint to the old paint and finish. Sometimes people think this problem comes from not having all the information necessary about the original color of the car. Most don’t realize though that all the information regarding your vehicle’s finish is embedded in the VIN number of the vehicle. There are a lot of factors that can make it seem terribly difficult to match the new paint with the old.

Some of the factors affecting the color of your paint are the effects of weather over time, the static charge between metal and plastic parts, and the environmental conditions of the shop where the original paint and finish was applied and cured are just a few. The makers of automotive paints are allowed a variation of plus or minus 5% when it comes to “tint” tolerances. Let the experienced eyes at Pilgrim’s Car Care Center tackle your vehicle’s paint repair after your accident.


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