Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Have you been dealing with heat that’s not blowing hot? Air conditioning that doesn’t blow cold? Defrosters that can’t seem to keep your windows nice and clear? There’s a lot of things that can go wrong that could cause your heating and air system from working properly and you’ll be the first to know it. Don’t worry, Pilgrim’s can fix those too! We’re skilled and equipped to check for leaks and are trained to diagnose and repair modern and not-so-modern air conditioning and climate control systems.

The ASE certified auto repair mechanics will do a complete system evaluation on your heating and air system to properly diagnose any problems. this would include doing a visual inspection of the system. Inspecting all of your related belts hoses and their respective connections. This includes the drive belt tension if it exists in your make and Model of vehicle. Then we follow this up with the leak test and taking pressure readings throughout the system.

The heat and air service here at Pilgrim’s Car Care Center ensures that we bring a mechanically sound auto air conditioning system back to its original level of operation. The whole process of proper refrigerant recovery during evacuation, fill, and recharge is a bit of work, but here at Pilgrim’s we understand that when you want it cold… it needs to be cold. And when you need it hot you want it hot.