Automotive Suspension and Steering Repair

Steering and Suspension Repair Services

Shocks and Struts: SuspensionThe steering and suspension systems of the car are fairly robust and generally not too much goes wrong with them. However, things can go wrong and cause a vehicle to become hard to control. When something is wrong the very least that will happen is your tires will wear out very quickly and at most, lead to an accident.


Causes of Steering Problems

These are a lot of parts to this system as with any other system in your vehicle. The symptoms have to be investigated. Sometimes the most common causes of your particular problem may not be the cause at all but something worse.

Car Bounces Too Much

When you are driving down the road and hit a bump the vehicle keeps bouncing for a while. This will gradually get worse as time goes by.

Hard Steering

You find that it is taking more and more strength to turn the steering wheel when driving and especially parking the car. It feels like something is binding or dragging. This symptom may come on gradually or suddenly and get worse over time.

Loose Steering

You notice that the steering wheel is very easy to move and actually feels quite sloppy. It creates an uneasy feeling on the highway because it seems you have no control of your car. This problem will get worse over time and can be very dangerous.

Power Steering Problems

One of the biggest symptoms of power steering issues is the amount of effort that it takes to turn the steering wheel when driving and parking, similar to the issues above. However, another sign of possible problems is a loud squealing sound when turning the wheel through its full range of motion.

When you’re having issues with the steering your vehicle of the way it handles on the road, come and see the ASE Certified Technicians here at Pilgrim’s Car Care Center. We can diagnose your issue and get you and your family back in your car on the road safely.