Engine Diagnostics

Engine DiagnosticsWe have the latest in diagnostic testing equipment and the certified technicians to handle any of your mechanical or electrical problems. If your service engine soon or check engine light is on, we can repair the problem and turn the light off. We are also connected to three websites that can help with unusual computer diagnostics.

All vehicle manufacturers today equip their vehicles with an onboard computer diagnostic system (OBDII) that continually checks and monitors your vehicle’s major operating systems and most importantly engine and transmission, frequently referred to as the power-train. The primary function of monitoring all these systems in your vehicle is to make sure that the vehicle is operating at the highest level of efficiency with the lowest possible emissions.

Since emission controls and fuel efficiency have become more and more important and complicated, your vehicle’s onboard electronics systems need to continually make adjustments and fine-tune each the parameters of each system according to driving conditions.

Automotive Engine DiagnosticsThere are hundreds of codes that could trigger your engine light to come on and there can be dozens of reasons for each. Even the most frequent triggers can have many possible causes.

We will perform a complete diagnostic to find your problem and let you know what needs to be done to get your vehicle back it the manufacturer’s specifications. Some of these triggers include, but are not limited to the engine’s temperature, proper firing of all cylinders, air/fuel mixture, sufficient EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), and transmission function.

If the onboard computer discovers any of these systems are not operating within the acceptable, pre-programmed, ranges for the vehicle, your “CHECK ENGINE LIGHT” or “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light will illuminate in order to warn you that something is wrong and that you could have a serious problem. It’s time to take your vehicle to the ASE certified mechanics at Pilgrim’s.