Oil Change and Lube

oil change servicesDon’t remember when you last had an oil change or lube for your car? That’s not so good. Changing your oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles is what most vehicle manufacturers recommend for your particular make and model of vehicle. Doing this for your vehicle is absolutely imperative. The longevity and performance level of your engine depends on it.

Keeping a vehicle’s essential fluids clean will keep it running properly and avoid unnecessary wear and tear that will ultimately lead to the need for costly repairs or, in the worst case scenario – a new engine or entire vehicle.

Getting your car’s oil changed at regular intervals shouldn’t be something you put on the “back burner” when it comes to your list of chores. It’s just not good for your car. The purpose of engine oil is to keep the internal parts of your car’s engine lubricated and cool. It keeps the moving parts from grinding against each other causing wear and damage.

If you don’t stay on top of your vehicle’s oil changes, old oil becomes a sludge that builds up inside the engine. This dirty sludge doesn’t lubricate the moving parts of your engine as well as some good clean oil. Dirty oil almost always leads to serious damage, and if you let it go long enough, there may be a new engine or vehicle in your near-future.

Pilgrim’s can get your oil change done fast to help you stay on top of things so you can avoid the possibility of costly problems with every oil change and lube.

What is involved in the Lube service?

The greasing and lubrication of the suspension system, the drive train and other general parts of a vehicle. A total lube job should be performed professionally once or twice a year and can easily be done when a vehicle´s oil is changed.