Radiator Repair Services

Automotive Radiator Repair & Cooling System Maintenance

auto repair radiator flush and fillWhen was the last radiator flush or cooling system maintanance done on your vehicle? The combustion process inside a vehicle’s engine produces an incredible amount of heat. So much so, that without a cooling system, the heat can actually damage or warp some of the parts deep inside the engine.

You can ruin head gaskets and even warp aluminum engine parts. Worse case scenario is that the engine seizes up entirely. You and your family could be stranded on the roadside in what might be a not-so-nice part of town that you had to travel through. So, if your vehicle’s been running a little too hot lately…it should be inspected and repaired immediately. Especially in the summer months.

Is Your Car Overheating or Running Hot? – It Might Be Time for a Radiator Flush

Your automotive cooling systems should be part of a regular maintenance program. A coolant flush and fill should be flushed every 2 years for some vehicles and 5 years for others depending on what type of coolant is used. The belts and hoses should be checked often and repaired or replaced as needed to prevent any breakdowns while on the road.

Coolant Flush and Fill Service

Coolant Flush: AntifreezeThe cooling system in your vehicle consists of the handful of components pictured above (Heater Core, Radiator Hoses, Thermostat, Radiator, Water Pump and Cooling Fan) and the Coolant Jacket which is the compartment where the coolant circulates around inside the engine itself. These components are subject to wear related damage and may fail just like any other part of your engine. Your engine coolant, or antifreeze, can also wear out over time and become unable to do its job of transporting heat to the radiator where it is cooled.

One of the best ways of maintaining the health of your vehicle’s cooling systems is to regularly flush the old coolant from your system and replace it with new coolant.

If you have trouble with your vehicle overheating, have white smoke coming from your dashboard vents when you turn the heater on (ruptured heater core) or maybe your coolant is just old and discolored.

The ASE Certified mechanics here at Pilgrim’s are familiar with the recommended interval for changing your antifreeze and flushing your cooling systems. An engine coolant flush and fill will remove any dirt, rust or sediment which may damage or clog the engine water jacket or any of the other components of your cooling systems and adding new coolant will help your car’s engine run cooler.

No matter if you’re having trouble with your vehicle overheating, heater not blowing warm air or even more serious issues, The ASE Certified mechanics at here at Pilgrim’s can diagnose and fix your problem.

Call us today for your regular maintenance or details about our Coolant Flush and Fill service!