PA State Inspections

Official PA State Inspections and Emissions Testing Station

PA State InspectionsPilgrim’s Car Care is an authorized safety and emissions inspection station for the state of Pennsylvania. Keeping up with your yearly inspections is best to avoid fines and penalties. It also ensures that your vehicle is in safe, proper operating condition and that it meet the Pennsylvania state emissions requirements that benefit the environment. Getting caught with an expired inspection sticker can result in stiff fines.

As outlined by the Department of Transportation for Pennsylvania state inspections, the ASE Certified mechanics here at Pilgrim’s will perform a thorough inspection the following to make sure they are in good physical condition and in safe working order: lights, brakes, horn, tires, safety belts, exhaust system, mirrors, tag mounting, suspension, turn signals, steering, wipers, and as well as other major parts of your vehicle.

Emissions Testing and Repair

What’s involved in the Inspection Service

The Pennsylvania State emissions test must be performed before the safety inspection sticker can be affixed and consists of inspecting all vehicles from 1975 and newer. For vehicles built from 1975 to 1995 there is a visual check made to make sure all original emissions equipment is present and not tampered with. A gas cap test is also performed. From 1996 to present, the same checks are required plus an OBDII test – which checks the vehicles computer system.

• If the vehicle has it’s check engine light on, related to the emissions, the vehicle fails the
emissions test.
• If the vehicle has been driven less than 5000 miles in 1 year, you would recieve an exemption sticker, and no repairs would be necessary.
• If the vehicle has been driven more than 5000 miles and fails the emissions test, you would have to spend $150.00 toward the repair of the emissions system. In this case you receive a waiver.

After the emissions inspection sticker is affixed, you have 1 year until emissions testing is required again for your vehicle

Why Does This Service Need To Be Done?

There is a nationwide program started by the Federal Government in an effort to keep the atmosphere clean. Each state is permitted to incorporate the objectives of this program as they choose. Vehicle emissions standards are also handled differently depending on what county your vehicle is registered in.

Note: You should check with your inspection station to make sure they can administer the test for the county of your registration

How Much Does It Typically Cost?

The cost of the service is $30.00, assuming that no repairs are needed. This fee may vary from station to station.

How Long Does The Repair or Maintenance Usually Take?

This inspection generally takes an hour, however it is usually done at the time of the safety inspection and therefore could easily take up to an hour.

Note: It is recommended that appointments be made in advance for this service. The vehicle needs to be left at the station for the emissions test, due to time constraints. If no repair work is needed, the vehicle would be ready the same day.

For more information on rules and regulations concerning your vehicle’s Pennsylvania State Inspection, visit Pennsylvania Department of Transportation