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Tire Services in York, PA

Tire Shop York PAYou have a busy life and people rely on you and your car. When it comes to your tires you need a tire shop you can rely on. You have to be able to depend on your tires to help get you and your loved ones where they are going, and do it safely. Here at Pilgrim’s…your tires are a big safety priority.

Making sure you have the right tires on your vehicle is an important as it affects the performance and safety and expenses of owning any kind of vehicle. Without proper installation and balancing by a trained ASE certified mechanic, you may find that your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other. Your steering wheel might begin to shake with increasing speed, or you’ll notice that you’re spending more money on gas.

Wheel Alignment

A vehicle’s “wheel alignment” refers to the position of it’s wheels in relation to the vehicle. When they’re aligned correctly, a vehicle’s wheels all point in the same correct direction. Without being aligned properly, you might find that the steering wheel fights your direction and pulls to one side or the other. Poor alignment can also cause uneven wearing of your tires. If your tires are improperly aligned and point in different directions, they pull against each other and can cause uneven tread wear.

Proper Wheel Balancing

Wheel balance refers to the even distribution of forces around a tire as it moves. Wheels that aren’t properly balanced can have a serious impact on both your car and your safety. Wheel balance is often confused with the term “wheel alignment”, these are not the same. Balancing a wheel is done by placing pre-measured lead weights on the opposite side of the “heavy spot”. This “heavy spot” is indicated by visibly uneven tread wear on a tire.

How Would I Know That I Need My Wheels Balanced?

When a wheel is unbalanced you will notice your vehicle behaving strangely or notice visibly uneven wear to the tires. Your vehicle may begin to vibrate at higher speeds. The speed at which this happens will depend on how unbalanced the wheel is. This vibration occurs because one part of your tire is heavier than another. This can be due to a number of factors but most commonly because it’s been through more exposure to high heat levels caused by friction while driving. If you think you might need your weels balanced, stop by Pilgrim’s. You’ll get courteous, professional customer service. It can be amazing how much nicer a vehicle can ride after such simple and inexpensive service is performed.

Tire Rotation

Regularly rotating the tires on your vehicle helps to prevent uneven tire wear that could create unsafe driving conditions. It also maximize tire life. On vehicles that have front-wheel drive, the front tires are responsible for carrying over 60% of a vehicle’s weight which increases during turns. Your tires also transfer the engine’s power to the road as well as account for approximately 80% of the braking force. Sometimes your vehicle’s tires wear unevenly, and regular tire rotations will help to ensure that your tires wear more evenly as intended ultimately making them last longer. Many tire manufacturers recommended that tires be rotated every 6,000 miles or so to produce uniform wear and maintain maximum tread for traction.