Transmission Repair

York PA’s Transmission Repair Experts

Transmission Repair ShopFor more than a quarter of a century, Pilgrim’s Car Care Center has become York’s trusted name in transmission repair. We’re experts in the diagnosis, servicing and maintenance of transmissions. Call Pilgrim’s today! Before we would start any transmission repair, we will perform a full inspection on your transmission. Many times, we find that only minor repairs are really necessary. When you call any of our competitors, they might offer you a quote containing “hard parts and soft parts” in your transmission…we don’t play that game at Pilgrim’s.

A transmission repair… this is probably the most worrisome part of your vehicle to have repaired or replaced. It has earned a horrible reputation because of the terrible stories about the vehicle’s down-time, the cost, and worries about future breakdowns. When it comes to transmissions, many vehicle owners fear the day that they will get into their vehicle, start it up, put it into gear then give it gas and nothing happens.

Here at Pilgrim’s, when it’s necessary, we use Jasper Transmissions for many of our transmission repairs. A trusted name for engines and transmissions in the automotive industry, JASPER’s re-manufactured automatic and standard transmissions are designed and built to last. There’s no need to wait for your transmission parts to be replaced or machined while your bill gets bigger and bigger. Instead, we get you back on the road fast and worry-free. We’ll get your re-manufactured transmission and drop it in and your ready to go! We can take care of transmissions needing transfer cases for both 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive applications also.

If your transmission needs repaired, Pilgrim’s will let you know what the trouble and what your options are. We’ll give you our best possible estimate and then we’ll fix your transmission right – the first time! We’ll will back our work with one of the strongest warranties in the business! For more information about our transmission repair services call us today!

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